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Wait until oil is cool!
  • Oil may be hot! Wait and allow the engine to cool. If the engine is too hot to touch, do not remove the oil drain plug. Hot oil will burn you!

  • Remove the oil dipstick and oil fill cap from under the hood. Place them in a safe place and save them for after you have refilled the engine with oil.

  • Place an oil drain pan beneath the oil drain plug. When safe, loosen the plug with an 17 mm socket wrench.

  • As soon as the plug turns a little, switch to loosening it by hand. Oil will begin to drain! Adjust the oil pan if necessary to catch the draining oil.

  • The video skips to removing the oil filter: first remove the oil drain plug when safe, then allow the oil to drain until it slows to a trickle.

  • Finally go ahead and remove the oil filter with an oil filter wrench. The video shows this at around 1 min 27 sec.

  • The filter is filled with old oil too. Dump its contents into the oil drain pan, and discard the old filter.

注意:机油可能是热的! 耐心等待发动机冷却至常温。如果发动机用手摸起来是热的,请千万不要尝试打开放油螺丝。因为热油会烫伤人。





最后继续用机油滤清器扳手卸下机油滤清器。 大概在该视频的大约1分27秒的位置。

用过的机油滤清器也充满了旧机油。 将其里面的旧油倒入废油盘后,再丢弃旧的机油滤清器。

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