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Gently pull the glass panel straight up off the iMac.
  • Gently pull the glass panel straight up off the iMac.

  • The glass panel has several positioning pins around its perimeter. To avoid shearing these pins off the glass panel, be sure to only pull straight up during removal.

  • Be meticulous about cleaning the LCD and the inside face of the glass panel before reinstallation, as any fingerprints or dust trapped inside will be annoyingly visible when the display is on.

  • When replacing the glass, be sure there's nothing between the glass and the frame. Stray cables could be damaged or crack the glass.

轻轻地将玻璃面板直接拉出 iMac。

玻璃面板外围有多个定位点。为了避免把这些针脚从玻璃面板上扯下来, 一定要在拆卸过程中直接拉直。

在重新安装前, 务必要一丝不苟地清洗液晶屏和玻璃面板的内侧面, 因为在显示屏上的任何指纹或灰尘都将会令人讨厌。

更换玻璃时, 要确保玻璃和框架之间没有任何东西。杂乱电缆可能损坏玻璃。

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