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Turn off the device.
  • Turn off the device.

  • Prepare an iOpener to heat the edges of the display and soften the adhesive underneath. Alternatively, you may use a heat gun or a hair dryer.

  • The surfaces near the speaker and microphone (top and bottom respectively) have larger adhesive sections. These areas may require slightly longer heat exposure. The display should be heated until it's slightly too hot to touch, for roughly two minutes.


准备好 iOpener 来加热屏幕的边框并软化粘合剂. 除此之外,你也可以使用热风枪或者(吹头发的)吹风机.

听筒和麦克风(顶部和底部)粘合剂的面积更大. 这些区域可能需要加热更长的时间. 你应该将屏幕加热到稍微有些烫手(无法忍受长时间触摸)的程度并维持大约两分钟.

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