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Saeco Brewing Group-brewing unit disassembly

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      Passi Guida

      Passo 1 — Cream valve and spout

      These parts differ in details depending on the model

      Passo 2 — The brewing sieve

      With a 6mm Allen key (or the key that comes with the machine), the brewing sieve can be unscrewed. It strongly determines the aroma, if it is dirty the coffee tastes bad.

      Passo 3 — The upper piston

      He is held in place by four latches. These impress, e.g. with a screwdriver, then the piston can be pushed down.

      Passo 4 — Intake

      Through the hole on the opposite side of the fixing screw can be solved. The inlet is plugged in and held by a latch, which you have to push away.

      Passo 5 — dismantle

      Three screws hold the brew groups together, loosen.

      Passo 6 — Umlenkhebel

      That's the trickiest part: you have to lever this lever out of its camp. To do this you drive with a screwdriver between the lever and the carrier and press it really very strong outwards. Now he grabs out - hopefully!

      Passo 7 — Lower piston

      Since the lever is gone you can easily pull out the piston. It has no seal.

      Passo 8 — Clean

      That's why we did it. All parts are thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, a solution of machine detergent is good. (Use rubber gloves!) Clean all channels with pipe cleaners. The brewing sieve is like new again! Allow to dry well.

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