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最后,一枚赤裸裸的 iPhone 5 液晶总成就呈现在你的面前。
  • 最后,一枚赤裸裸的 iPhone 5 液晶总成就呈现在你的面前。

  • 反向操作换上全新的 iPhone 5 液晶总成,确保所有的小配件都安上没有落下。

  • 如果你或者你的小伙伴们的 iPhone 5 屏幕摔坏了, 还犹豫什么, 赶紧在他们面前露一手吧。 如果你或者你的小伙伴们的 iPhone 5 都没有摔坏,还犹豫什么,赶紧把它们摔坏吧。

  • 你若”安“好,便是晴天。Good Luck!

Finally you have the iPhone 5 screen with integrated components.

Replace the screen with a new one, and reverse the operation set forth before to assemble it back to your iPhone.

If your friend or you have a broken iPhone 5 screen, what are you waiting for? It is your show time! If you don't have a broken one, try to make one.

Have a good day, and Good Luck!

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