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  • 一只手捏着吸盘圆环,小心翼翼的把屏幕总成拉起。

  • 通过 iPhone 5 性感的身材我们可以猜到, 屏幕总成和机身的贴合比较紧致,所以你需要用稍微大点的力才能把屏幕从机身拉开。

  • 因为有一些卡扣固定住屏幕,所以你需要用到如图所示的塑料开机工具。

Pinch the suction cup in one hand and carefully lift the screen assembly.

Through the attractive body of the iPhone 5 we can guess that the assembly of the screen and the fuselage fit more compact, so you need a slightly larger force for the screen from the fuselage.

As there are some clips that hold the screen, you must use the plastic ignition tool shown in the illustration.

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