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Before you begin, switch off your phone.
  • Before you begin, switch off your phone.

  • Apply a heated iOpener to a long edge of the phone to loosen the adhesive beneath the rear glass. Apply the iOpener for at least two minutes.

  • You might need to reheat and reapply the iOpener several times during the removal procedure to get the adhesive warm enough to cut. Follow the iOpener instructions to avoid overheating.

  • The adhesive of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is very strong. A hair dryer, heat gun, or hot plate may also be used if you aren't able to open the device with the iOpener. Be careful not to overheat the phone—the AMOLED display and internal battery are both susceptible to heat damage.




Samsung Galaxy S9の接着剤はとても頑丈です。 iOpenerでデバイスが開かない場合は、ヘアドライヤー、ヒートガンやホットプレートを使ってください。デバイスを温めすぎないようにご注意ください。AMOLEDディスプレイと内部に搭載されたバッテリーは熱によるダメージに弱いからです。

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