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  • 找一卷宽胶带,按需要的大小和螺丝种类裁剪成一段一段。折叠起一边,将其固定在桌面上,然后把可以把螺丝粘在上面了

  • 也可以使用不留痕迹的双面胶带、干净的女用卫生巾。

  • 可以用铅笔在上面做好螺丝种类的标记,或者写在小纸条上粘在上面

  • 也可以使用纸张(如打印纸、餐巾纸),将不同的螺丝放在纸张上并包成纸团,并在上面写字,做好标记。

Find a roll of wide tape and cut it into sections for the size and type of screw you need. Fold one side, fix it on the table, and then stick the screw on it.

You can also use double sided tape to adhere a napkin to the table.

You can use a pencil to mark the type of screw on it, or write it on a small strip of paper.

You can also use paper (such as paper napkins), place different screws on the paper and wrap them in the paper, and write on them to mark them.

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