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如果你是一个维修爱好者,一张专业维修垫可能是最好的选择。 如果你没有专业的维修垫,后续步骤也会告诉你一些仅使用家中常见物品就能完成的做法
  • 如果你是一个维修爱好者,一张专业维修垫可能是最好的选择。

  • 如果你没有专业的维修垫,后续步骤也会告诉你一些仅使用家中常见物品就能完成的做法

  • 维修垫有较大的摩擦力,有的产品表面还有磁力(如图所示),可以有效防止螺丝等小部件从上面滑落,还有划分好的格子用来存放螺丝。

  • 如果你记不住哪个格子是哪种螺丝,最好在一张纸上画上一样的格子并写清楚螺丝类型和步骤等。

If you are a Mobile Phone Repairer, a professional screw mat would be a best choice.

If you don't have a screw mat, some daily used tools would recommend for you in the following steps.

The repair pad has a relatively high magnetic force, (as shown in the figure), which can effectively prevent small parts such as screws from sliding down, and a divided grid is used to store the screws or help you organize in any way you need.

If you can't remember how to reassemble, it's best to draw the same grid on a piece of paper and write out the type and steps of the screws.

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