Step by step instructions on replacing your Nikon S3700 Lens


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  1. group screws according to color code.
    • group screws according to color code.

    • Remove exterior screws

  2. Remove Rear casing
    • Remove Rear casing

    • Flip over rear options panel to expose LCD ziff clamp.

    • Replace LCD and reverse the steps.

    • The Ziff clamp is very fragile so please use caution when releasing the ziff clamp. It breaks easily.

    • Remove screws

    • Remove front housing case

    • Remove top cabinet part

    • The two areas highlighted in red have loose parts. Please keep your eyes on these parts because they can get lost easily. Once you remove the top cabinet they will most likely fall off.

    • discharge the capacitor to avoid getting shocked

    • dislodge clamps on all 4 sides and remove rear metal plate

    • Release lens & CCD flex from ziff sockets. Careful not to damage ziff sockets.

    • Remove lens from housing and replace. Reverse steps for re-assembly

    • Area highlighted in orange can be lost easily. Please keep your eyes on this part. If unit is tilted part will fall out.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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