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For this guide you will be removing rear wheels, then removing the outer shell and then replacing the motor.


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  1. Remove the four exterior screws
    • Remove the four exterior screws


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Yeah, to replace the motor just 4 screws and no parts required! Too easy, too easy to write an article that doesn’t help :( Is it just to sell a screwdriver? This would not improve your reputation. You’re wasting our time and wasting your time.

Description: Remove the 4 screws than anyone can see is a good start but did anyone been able to actualy open the body and access inside the box?

I do have an iRobot Looj 330. The body looks very similar to the other model in the range. There are 4 screws, yes but the body in 2 parts doesn’t open that easy. It’s waterproof, I believe there is a trick… Which?

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