Entrare in modalità DFU (Istruzioni Ufficiali)

1. Collega il tuo dispositivo al tuo computer.

2. Spegni il tuo dispositivo.

3. Tieni premuto il tasto di Accensione per 3 secondi.

4. Premi il tasto Home senza lasciare il tasto di accensione per 10 secondi.

5. Lascia il tasto di accensione ma continua a tenere premuto il tasto Home.

6. Continua a tenere premuto il tasto Home finché non appare l'avviso di iTunes dicendo che ha rilevato un dispositivo in Modalità di Ripristino (Recovery mode).

Assicurati che lo schermo del dispositivo sia vuoto e nessun logo sia presente. Si può usare la stessa procedura per tutti gli altri modelli di iPhone.

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  1. Apri iTunes. L'iPhone deve essere connesso al PC e spento. ATTENZIONE, ATTENZIONE: Perderai tutti i tuoi dati. Assicurati di avere un backup di essi. ATTENZIONE, ATTENZIONE: Perderai tutti i tuoi dati. Assicurati di avere un backup di essi.
    • Apri iTunes. L'iPhone deve essere connesso al PC e spento.

    • ATTENZIONE, ATTENZIONE: Perderai tutti i tuoi dati. Assicurati di avere un backup di essi.

  2. Ingresso in modalità DFU. Puoi leggere le istruzioni in descrizione. iTunes ha rilevato un iPhone in modalità di ripristino/recupero.
    • Ingresso in modalità DFU.

    • Puoi leggere le istruzioni in descrizione.

    • iTunes ha rilevato un iPhone in modalità di ripristino/recupero.

    So please how to flash it without a Computer?

    I need to flash Manuel....

    kasimubinaron - Replica

  3. Spedizione gratuita per tutti gli ordini superiori a 100 US$ o contenenti un Kit Attrezzi Pro Tech!

    Sfoglia il Nostro Negozio
  4. Seleziona "Ripristina iPhone" e iTunes scaricherà e installerà l'ultimo firmware sul tuo telefono. Seleziona "Ripristina iPhone" e iTunes scaricherà e installerà l'ultimo firmware sul tuo telefono. Seleziona "Ripristina iPhone" e iTunes scaricherà e installerà l'ultimo firmware sul tuo telefono.
    • Seleziona "Ripristina iPhone" e iTunes scaricherà e installerà l'ultimo firmware sul tuo telefono.

    nice yar kya bt ha

    ikram - Replica

    il faut une application sur la machine ou bien on le branche seulement

    etoundizene.yvantedy - Replica

  5. Il tuo iPhone è ripristinato alle impostazioni di Fabbrica.
    • Il tuo iPhone è ripristinato alle impostazioni di Fabbrica.

    • Sei riuscito a farlo con successo?

    itune ne detecte meme l'iphone

    pachat nobel - Replica

    j’ai bien commencé mais lors du téléchargement le phone s’est allumé de lui même. pourquoi ???

    corneillehouessou - Replica

    lors du téléchargement le phone s’est allumé de lui même. pourquoi ???

    corneillehouessou - Replica

    “Password recovery” is where?

    Mike Moran - Replica


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This is not flashing anything just resetting the iPhone...

Newbye - Replica

You are wrong. This procedure reflash the firmware, but if your phone is already with the latest version, for you this will looks like full reset.

ZFix -

My iphone 4 is locked and i dont know the apple id so by doing this i can unlock it or not please help

mehtashivani44 - Replica

If your phone is carrier locked or iCloud locked - no.

ZFix -

contact me to unlock iphone 4 icloud lock

Himanshu Rattan -

@Himanshu Rattan

how can i contact?

Mailna Patel -

My iphone 5 is locked with icloud and i dont know the apple id and password so by doing this method i can unlock it or not

Sathish - Replica

When i connect my iPhone in pc it doesn't shows in pc.

Comment via:-

Swatntra - Replica

how if there's icloud account logged ? it will be icloud locked?

harlievhincruz - Replica

Officially the iCloud lock can be removed only fro the owner.

ZFix -

I got problem with my iphone 4s icloud I'd I don't know how to remove plzz help me

mudassar ghumman - Replica

I don't know how to solve your problem when your iPhone get into DFU mode, but I know how to recover iTunes backup password if you forgot iTunes backup password, I personally suggest you try iSeePassword iTunes backup password recovery.

Duncan7722 - Replica

I can hear voice of my iphone 4s on call and ring tone properly but when it comes to play music or listening whatsapp voice message i cannot hear voice without headfone.... Can somebody help

Arslan - Replica

same problem i am facing can anyone help us

Raju Ahmod -

I have some problem of my iphone 4 (wifi disable)

how to resolve...

can anybody help me???

Rehan Ansari - Replica

My phone is stuck in recovery mode and it will not come out it. Could you help and tell me what to do to try and to get it out recovery mode. Thanks

jackmills6 - Replica

no way i will be getting this


I'm doing the update and restore on my iPhone5s but when it gets to restoring firmware it stops and says an error occur. I've tried over and over again still the same. Now when I turn the phone on all it shows is the iTunes logo and usb sign under it. Please what do I do?

Biggie Wire - Replica

sicrt cold u can use to open ur phone

pogasti gh -

my iphone 5s was downlaoding new update and crashed half way now conctant error 50 and stuck on conect to iitunes

paul - Replica


I bought a second hand iphone6 plus from a friend. And I went to go use it and I can't because it is still conceded to the original owners apple Id account. And I have NOOO WAAYYYY nor do I know the original owner.

What do I do?

Please help

Thank you

Trina - Replica

go back to your thieving friend!

Albert Einstein -

Hallo, i bought a second hand iPhone 6s 64gb in italy and it works perfectly but not for thelephone function becouse of the imei. If you have a iPhone like mine that works evrywhere but not in your nation you can exchange with mine

Francesco - Replica

Itunes say "off find my iphone" but my iphone is in disable mode cause i forgot password

Shahzaib Kiyani - Replica

My Iphone 6s+ is disable nd didnt get backup nd didnt known apple id nd password say me in detail plz sir say me

ya email / whats app me


harsh patel - Replica

My Dad Bought An Iphone 5s, And Now He Forgets The Password And Everything That Linked With The APPLE ID. How to Remove That Account outta my Iphone?

sekar11398 - Replica

Please my iPhone 6 is showing disabled but can't be detected on the pc when plugged.can it be re flashed even if t warrant me losing all my data's?

Andrew - Replica

Iif you flash an iphone 4s trying to unlock it and after couple of hours the iphone refuses to turn on again what can be done to it,this iphone is a gift and it has been locked down to only emergency calls. - Replica

i am at step 4 and i am receiving this "Your iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached.

Try connecting your iphone to iTunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes. If this problem persists, contact Apple Support at

Here i am please help

naxmotmols - Replica

what is activation server?

naxmotmols - Replica

forgot the password of the apple id,so by flashing it can it help me to create a new one?

nomvuzo - Replica

no you cant if you turned on Find My iPhone. if you follow this guide while turning Find My iPhone on, when you make activation then it will require you type the apple id existed before. now this guide cant remove password.

ycwei982 -

Mybe you can read the Tunesbro tutorial , i have looked it , in this tutorial , you can get more about how to repair all kinds of iPhone problem, such as recover data ,erase data ,and fix the iPhone from recovery mode

Kmater - Replica

Thanks for this guide. Nice job (y)

Ivette Carlier - Replica

my iphone 5s stack at apple logo after i did restore,how to solve this

basra321 - Replica

where firmware any i phone link....plz....

Hameem Ahmeed - Replica

Try this site, if you haven't found one yet!

helliant1 -

hello, my iphnone 5s fell in water and now its try to turn on but keep rebooting. i have tried to put it in DFU mode but its not responding. what can i do please help me

ngekuh boniface - Replica

Have you ever tried any guide to recover your phone from getting water? If not, go for it. I suggest you using recover mode at first, as it has response on the screen. Turn on your phone, and when it shows Apple logo, release power button then long press the home button. If it works it will show "Connect to iTunse".

ycwei982 -

my iphone is not icloud locked.. is this going to remove my password ??

siyolise qwemeshe - Replica

frimwar iphone :

l’iPhone et l’iPod Touch, l’iPad, l’iPad mini, l’Apple TV ainsi que toutes les version d’iTunes :

lovemeloveme803 - Replica

not working to me... i have iphone 4 32gb... nonton film movie online

erna nitami - Replica

When restoring my Iphone 4s with iTunes it gets stuck at waiting for phone.

What do I need to do?

Jaco - Replica

My i phone 5 when i switch on automatic on nd off just lyk

what is the prblm just showing white screen nd apple symble thats it

Mirza - Replica

Can u explain me what i do now

Mirza - Replica

My iphone4 is locked with Apple ID .with this process can I flash the iPhone please help

Osayuki Obaseki - Replica


I'm sorry but if your device is locked with an Apple ID, this guide will not help you. Only you can do is to login with the Apple-ID which is linked to your iPhone.

Zaim -

My iPhone 5c is full/ZERO memory storage. I compute all the data/apps that I've downloaded and 1GB+ free space must be remained. I do delete some apps, vedios, pics and etc. but it still full memory storage.

This DFU mode can fixed it?

Thank you.

GoyPAngZ - Replica


if you boot your iPhone in DFU mode and proceed a restore, all data will be removed and it will look like a new iPhone.

Zaim -

my iphone is locked and i cant get my apple id

Everton IFY - Replica

when its extracts the file in itunes it restarts again and again

Vinayak Devadiya - Replica

my iphone 6, which i have used for a year plus has been disabled, i forgot my pass-code just after changing, i have tried restoring buts there comes an error...'disc full, delete and empty the recycle bin . retry again"

how can i do it yet its already locked? help please.

george - Replica

You have to put it in the DFU Mode and not in to the restore mode

Zaim -

My iPhone in locked with icloud but I forget apple id and password and I also loss my all apple document . So how can start my iPhone plz advised me sir

Tony - Replica

When you turn you iPhone on, there is a hidden email with big black dots in it, you have to reset your password for this email, otherwise you can throm you iPhone away

Zaim -

Do i need to download any app on my pc?

derasnotion - Replica

Yes, you have to download iTunes. You can download it from

Zaim -

i dont remember my icloud account ,so my problem is i stuck in icloud account ,i reset my phone then i cant log in .they said incorrect password

tmae pat - Replica

You can go here: and reset you password

Zaim -

Will This unlock me from straight talk?

The White Kyrie - Replica

my iphone 5 has been labeled “connect to itunes” but when i connect, it doesn’t show on my pc….. can some one help please

Michael Love - Replica

I really hate flashing apple devices….

Deekshith Mclaran - Replica

give me sicrit cold to poen i phone

pogasti gh - Replica


syed - Replica

yar thori urdu v type kiya karo kisi aur ko be samj a jay

ch.tahir84 - Replica

je veut enlever icloud pour mon iphone 5s quoi faire svp

hamnane - Replica

mon iphone 4 s fixe sur image appel et non demarre pas

laifaoui - Replica

My iphone 5s is icloud locked. Bought it from second hand. Please help

John Simiyu - Replica

So you can't reset the iCloud locked iPhone 6s?

Da Niel - Replica

Photos taken with my iPhone didn't display on Android phone but they display on other Iphone. Photos are in .JPEG format. I am running virus?

Amidou - Replica

I have Iphone 4 and is Icloud lockes. How can I resolve this? Mail me at

Lephethesang - Replica

my father passed on three months ago and on his iphone is where the will is and all of us do not know the apple id and password, whoever can help unlock, a big reward awaits. BEN ,

Ben - Replica

Pls how can i unlock iphone 6 that has icloud lock

balo lanre - Replica

This is very nice guide how to unlocked your iPhone. But I use one of this to unlock my iPhone 8 on other SIM card. I thing that this tool can’t unlock any iCloud Locked iPhone.

Adams Bell - Replica

hi My iPhone 6 was 32 Gb and after the guy repaired than its now 16 Gb … loll and the guy is asking me to flash restore the phone I did that but its still the same….

what can be the reasons???

I am going to him again today

gauravllll - Replica

My sister bought iPhone 5 locked by iCloud and password now she can't use the iPhone and a person who sold the iPhone disappeared. Help please.

Moises Nhavene - Replica

pls pls help me remove icloud from my iphone 5

petersammy125 - Replica

this only reset the iPhone!! the problem is not solved as it still locked qnd i m enqble to use q new SIM Card. Just lost everything…..

amal.bena - Replica

Check Here i am also have some solution to flash Iphones- How to Flash iPhones without iTunes

GD18 - Replica

Can I recover my lost password without loosing data? Technikola

Technikola All Tech News - Replica

Please my dad forgot his apple ID ND he already flashed the iPhone and he can't remember his email too..please what do I do??


Bagaimana cara,y buka iphone 5s

Muhammad Akbar - Replica

bonjour comment faire alors pour importer un fichier ios avant de lancer la restoration

kengele - Replica

I got error massage after all procedure

nongmaithem arunjit - Replica

bsr moi jai fait toute la procédure normalement jusqu’à l’étape de l’extraction du logiciel, mon forfait est fini et depuis ca n’avance plus malgré que j’ai renouvelé le forfait. Que faire svp?

krys - Replica

İphone 7 plus we have it droped. I try do restore it. İt gives me the error 1. İtis not good error ı know that. What we are going to do first .?

firat020 - Replica

What is the error that you are seeing on your iPhone/iTunes? That would better help us to determine what your next steps are to be taken!

helliant1 -

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