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+[title] Wait until oil is cool!
+[* icon_caution] ***Oil may be hot!*** Wait and allow the engine to cool. If the engine is too hot to touch, do not remove the oil drain plug. Hot oil will burn you!
+[* black] Remove the oil dipstick and oil fill cap from under the hood. Place them in a safe place and save them for after you have refilled the engine with oil.
+[* black] Place an oil drain pan beneath the oil drain plug. When it is safe, begin loosening the plug with a wrench.
+[* black] As soon as the plug turns a little, switch to loosening it by hand. ***Oil will begin to drain!*** Adjust the oil pan if necessary to catch the draining oil.
+[* black] The video skips to removing the oil filter: first remove the oil drain plug when safe, then allow the oil to drain until it slows to a trickle.
+[* black] Finally go ahead and remove the oil filter as shown in the video at around 1 min 27 sec.
+[* black] The filter is filled with old oil too. Dump its contents into the oil drain pan, and discard the old filter.