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[* black] The prominent chips on the front side of the motherboard include:
[* red] Texas Instruments [|HP4067] High Speed CMOS 16 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
- [* orange] Samsung [link||K4X2G323PC] mobile 2Gb DRAM
+ [* orange] Samsung [link||K4X2G323PC] mobile 2Gb (or 256 MB) DRAM
[* yellow] Texas Instruments [|OMAP 3621 BCYN] 800 MHz TI processor
[* green] Samsung [|KLM2G1HE3F] NAND flash memory.
[* blue] Texas Instruments [|TPS65921B] Power Management Circuit for USB and ADC.
[* violet] E-INK TPS65181
[* black] Jorjin [|WG7310-2A] Wi-Fi module