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[* black] Time to remove the frame from the display assembly. Any guesses as to how it is secured?
[* black] If you guessed boatloads of adhesive, you were correct!
[* black] With the help of a [product|IF145-002|spudger], we carefully pry the frame from the display assembly, nervously holding our breath at every ''creeeeek'' emitted from the loosening frame.
+[* black] The frame is made out of magnesium, as opposed to the aluminum plate found in the non-lit Simple Touch. We verified this magnesium claim the hard way, apparently [[Item:Burnt Fingers|not having learned our lesson]] from [guide|4977|last time|stepid=22385].
[* black] After removing the frame, we are finally ready to take out the display assembly. We start by, surprisingly, removing more adhesive holding the display cable in place.