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[* black] It appears that only a single T5 Torx screw, which is easily removed with our [product|IF145-022|54 Bit Driver Kit], stands between us and the glowing innards of the newest Nook.
[* black] With the screw out of our way all we have to do is slide the rear panel down to free it.
+[* black] CAUTION: as noted by Divinar (see comment below)
+[* black] Please put a warning to *REMOVE ANY SD CARD BEFORE OPENING!* I forgot to pull it out, when I slid the case backwards, it ripped the bracket right off the back of the board. My Nook still works, but I have only the original storage capacity now. Divinar, Mar 30
[* black] Tamper-proof sticker aside, this device is starting to receive some glowing repairability reviews around the office.