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[* black] We grab our ~~pizza cutter~~ [product|IF145-219-4|iMac Opening Wheel|new_window=true] and go to town. Then, we bring it back home and use it to split open our fancy new iMac.
[* black] Round and round we go, and the adhesive securing the display perimeter goes kaput.
[* black] When Apple introduced this form factor in [guide|11936|2012|stepid=42488|new_window=true], replacing the much-loved [guide|5952|magnets|stepid=9121|new_window=true], we were sad and confused. Since then we've learned its secrets, and now we're on board with how easy this adhesive is to slice through.
[* icon_note] We'd love to see Apple implement something like this in their [guide|45703|other|stepid=100387|new_window=true] product lines.
[* black] After a [guide|64596|familiar opening procedure|stepid=67748|new_window=true], we get our first peek inside.