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[title] Disassembling the exterior case
- [* icon_note] Before we proceed with this guide. The easiest and less invasive method to fix some DRE messages is to simply wipe the optical lens using a lint free microfibre cleaning cloth. Like those used to clean glasses. If you have already done this and you still get DRE please continue.
-[* black] To start, flip the unit over and locate the four (4) 4.5mm Gamebit screws as indicated in the second photograph and remove accordingly.
+[* black] Flip the GameCube upside down.
+ [* orange] Use a 4.5 mm gambit screwdriver to unscrew the four screws located on each corner (as shown in the second picture).
[* icon_reminder] Remember to put all screws aside and out of the way from risk of being lost
-[* black] Flip the unit back over carefully and prepare for the next step
+[* black] With the four screws removed, flip the Gamecube back over to the original position.
+[* icon_note] Make sure to hold the bottom wall so it does not come off when flipping back over.