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[* black] Using a Phillips size 0 screwdriver: Remove the 2 screws from the bottom of the camera

-[* black] New line.
+[* black] Remove the screw from the right side of the camera

+[* black] Remove the 2 screws located on the left side of the camera

+[* black] Use a small prying device (Spudger) to delicately separate the front casing from the back.

+[* black] CAUTION! When separating the 2 cases be cautious of the silver band and buttons that located in the middle of the camera. They will come loose. 

+[* black] Remove the 4 screws on the inner face of the camera. CAUTION! Circuit ribbon is attached at the top left of the camera be careful when separating the front and back of the camera after removing the 4 screws. 

+[* black] Carefully flip up the clip attaching the ribbon from the rear to the front and pull it out

+[* black] Carefully separate the front and back of the camera