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[* black] Remove the following six screws securing both the right fan and the left fan to the logic board:
[* red] Four 3.5 mm Phillips screws.
[* orange] Two 3.2 mm Phillips screws.
-[* black] Use a spudger to pry both the right fan and left fan connectors straight up and out of their sockets on the logic board.
-[* icon_note] It is useful to twist the spudger axially from beneath the fan cable wires to release the connector.
-[* icon_caution] The fan socket and the fan connector can be seen in the second and third pictures. Be careful not to break the plastic fan socket off the logic board as you use your spudger to lift the fan connector straight up and out of its socket. The layout of the logic board shown in the second picture may look slightly different than your machine but the fan socket is the same.

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