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+[title] Final Thoughts
+[* black] Apple Watch Series 2 Repairability Score: ***6 out of 10*** (10 is easiest to repair)
+ [* green] While not an industry standard, the watch band is easily removed and swapped out for a replacement.
+ [* green] Removing the screen is difficult, but not impossible—it's the first component out, simplifying replacement.
+ [* green] Once you're inside, the battery is fairly easy to remove—if you have the proper tri-point Y000 driver.
+ [* yellow] While not proprietary, incredibly tiny tri-point screws are a repair hinderance.
+ [* yellow] Replacing any of the component cables requires microsoldering—but does not require removing the SiP as in the previous generation Apple Watch.
+ [* red] The fully encased S2 system makes board-level repairs impossible.

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