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[* black] And we finally reach the much awaited Apple S2 SiP—complete with the dreaded [guide|40655|resin enclosure.|stepid=93693]
[* black] On the top of the SiP, tucked into the upper left corner, we spot a tiny pair of components:
- [* red] Not a (second!) microphone, but a barometric pressure sensor BMP280 from Bosch Sensortec
+ [* red] Bosch Sensortec [|BMP280|new_window=true] Barometric Pressure Sensor
[* orange] Likely an iteration of STMicroelectronics C451 gyroscope + accelerometer found in the [guide|40655|original Apple Watch|stepid=93693|new_window=true]
[* icon_note] But wait, isn't that the back? Where all the [guide|40655|cables|stepid=93692|new_window=true] go? Turns out Apple decided to flip the SiP, so all of the connectors are on the same side as the things they connect to. Imagine that!

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