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[* black] With the glue stripped from the back of the battery, we get a closer look at its impressive specs. This cell is rated at 3.77 V and 273 mAh to yield a whopping 1.03 Whr of power.
+ [* icon_note] Our watch is the 38 mm—the 42 mm should feature a larger power pack.
[* icon_note] For those of you keeping score, this battery offers a full 32% increase in power over the [guide|40655|previous generation|stepid=93649|new_window=true]—most likely to compensate for the addition of GPS capability.
[* black] Apple says the Series 2 will have about the same 18-hour battery life as the original Watch, so that GPS must be power hungry.
[* icon_note] One thing is for sure: this battery, like all batteries, will fail. And when it comes time to replace it, you'll be trading power for resistance—water resistance that is. When the seal is cracked on this watch, all the king's horses and all the king's men probably won't get it watertight again.