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[* black] Welp—as they say—if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
[* black] Compared to [guide|40655|last year's Apple Watch|stepid=93649|new_window=true], the underside of the Series 2 battery reveals enough ~~chewing gum~~ adhesive to hold an iPad screen in place.
[* icon_note] We hate to see this much adhesive on a tiny battery, but this time we'll give the adhesive on this [|swim-proof watch] a break—after all, it lives on your wrist, not in your pocket.
+[* black] We've never backed down from a sticky situation before, and this is no exception. We pick and prod, peel and pull the adhesive off the little power pack—with enough coaxing it will come clean and reveal it's secrets.
+[* icon_note] One thing is for sure, this battery, like all batteries, will fail. And when it comes time to replace it you'll be trading power for resistance—water resistance that is. When the seal is cracked on this watch all the kings horses and all the kingsmen probably won't get it watertight again.