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-[title] Screen - 1
+[title] Screen and lower shell components
[* icon_caution] Before attempting to remove the screen or any other components left in the shell, make a careful note of how each cable is routed. Take detailed photos if your is not identical to this one.
[* red] Lift the WiFi antenna leads out of their routing channels.
[* orange] Whilst supporting the screen, remove six 6.5mm screws from the screen hinge and lift off the screen.
[* icon_note] Note that one of the screws on the right hand hinge has an earthing strap under it. On reassembly, take care that this strap isn't caught under the hinge and is secured by the screw when replaced.
[* black] To remove and replace the power connector and lead, remove the right hand speaker, secured by 2 screws at the base of its sound box.