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[* black] A sticker, some clips, and a few—ahem, ELEVEN—screws around the perimeter of the Bionic are all that prevent us from peeking inside.
[* black] Stickers have [guide|3550|never stopped us before|stepid=16030] and a few T5 Torx screws or metal clips are no match for our [product|IF145-022|54-piece bit driver kits], [product|IF145-000|plastic opening tools], and nimble fingertips.
[* black] The stickers are the large black instructional sticker with the battery picture on it and the barcode white sticker. Peel both of these back. You will need to use the plastic pry bar on the top and bottom of the phone with a little extra leverage (it is just a clip holding it together).
[* black] We remove the rear case and are instantly greeted by a forest of EMI shields.
[* black] We remove the loudspeaker from the otherwise unexciting rear case, a speaker ideal for proclaiming the characteristic ''Drooooooiiiiid'' upon powering on the phone.