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[* black] The Bionic features two ports on its left side:
[* red] Micro-USBmicro-USB
[* orange] Micro-HDMImicro-HDMI
[* red] Micro-USBmicro-USB
[* orange] Micro-HDMImicro-HDMI
[* black] Verizon advertises the Bionic as the slimmest 4G LTE phone at 0.43 inches thick.
[* icon_note] We find that the little hump towards the top of the device actually adds to the advertised 0.43" thickness (or thin-ness), making the phone 0.52" at its fattest point.
[* black] In comparison to the [guide|1436|Motorola Droid], the Bionic is definitely thinner and lighter (158 to 169 grams), but also longer and wider.
[* black] The top side of the Bionic is adorned by the headphone jack and the power button.