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+[* black] But wait, if Fresnel lenses do away with the bulging curves of traditional lenses, why are these lenses curved?
+[* black] Turns out, Oculus went a step further down the optical tunnel, and manufactured ''hybrid'' Fresnel lenses.
+[* black] On the small scale, these lenses are made up of concentric prisms like any other Fresnel lens. But those prisms vary in thickness in a curve that mimics a traditional curved lens, allowing the magnification power to change along the vertical axis of the lens.
+ [* icon_note] That's why the Rift instructs you to focus the headset by simply pushing it higher or lower on your face. Look through a different part of the lens until you find the focus suited to your eyes. Bingo, no more three-sets-of-lenses Rifts.

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