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[* black] Where prior Oculus Rift kits shipped with interchangeable circular lenses (left), the CV1 uses a single set of non-removable asymmetric lenses (right).
[* black] In a closeup of the CV1 lens, these concentric rings are a telltale sign of [|Fresnel lenses|new_window=true]. This clever manufacturing technique throws out the thick bulging curved plastic lens and replaces it with a thin array of concentric prisms that ''essentially'' do the same job.
[* icon_note] The Fresnel lens has the same large aperture and short focal length, in a fraction of the weight, which is exactly what VR needs, a lens that can function strapped inches from your face and light enough to be supported by your poor neck muscles.
+[* black] Bonus round: by varying the size and shape of the concentric prisms, Oculus was able to fine-tune the lens for this specific application, minimizing spherical aberrations, or distortions, that may result from a traditional curved lens. This probably explains the asymmetrical shape.

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