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-[* black] Weird lens shape!
-[* black] Concentric lines show off Fresnel lens, making a lightweight efficient lens, neat!
-[* black] Compared to (of of the) old DK2 lens(es)
+[* black] Where prior Oculus Rift kits shipped with interchangeable lenses, the CV1 uses a single set of adjustable asymmetric lenses that aren't meant to be removed.
+[* black] Concentric lines: a telltale sign of [|Fresnal lenses|new_window=true]. This optical wizardry allows you to resolve a tiny image just an inch or two from your face. (It's a bit more comfortable than the alternative, which we're guessing consists of a flat-panel television mounted to a neck brace.)
+[* icon_reminder] Old-timey circular DK2 lens on the left; asymmetric CV1 lens on the right.

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