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+[title] Junk
[* black] Separating the lens assembly reveals the custom, non-Note, larger-than-lens-aperture display!
[* black] These OLEDs measure in at 90 mm apiece, for a resulting pixel density of ~456 ppi. In contrast, the display on an [guide|48171|iPhone 6s Plus|stepid=107530|new_window=true] comes in at 401 ppi, while the [guide|56686|Galaxy S7|stepid=122812|new_window=true] is a cut above at 576 ppi.
[* icon_note] Given that pixel density, an average user would need to be 8 inches from the display for the pixels to become indistinguishable. The Rift's fancy optics make the display ''look'' much farther away to the user—but also much bigger, surrounding you with pixels.
[* black] So for now at least, individual pixels are still very much visible, or ''indivisual," a technical term that we just made up.