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-[* black] Secret clips hold the stetchy fabric to the eyepieces, but you can't fool our teardown engineer for long!
-[* black] We manage to pop our Kato mask off our Oculus and get our first real peep inside!
-[* black] The over the head strap attaches to this piece
+[* icon_note] Stretchy black fabric surrounds the lenses, stretched over a thin plastic frame. This cleverly conceals the Oculus' innards from view, while still allowing the adjustable lenses some freedom to move.
+ [* black] The frame also contains a small anchor point for the over-the-head strap.
+[* black] But how to remove it? We're momentarily stumped—until our teardown engineer finds the hidden interior clips that secure the frame. After a few well-placed flips of the spudger, it's free.
+[* black] With that, we pop our [|Kato mask|new_window=true] off the Oculus for our first real peep inside!