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[title] Reassemble
[* black] Reassemble in inverse order. Remove, clean and replace old glue.
[* black] Before putting the back back on, you might want to try and turn on and test the phone to see if you put everything correctly back together.
[* black] If you want to have an indication on how waterproof you phone is (after you put the back back in place):
[* black] Power up the phone, go to the dialler and dial *#*#7378423#*#*
[* black] In the menu that opens, go to 'Service Tests' and then 'Pressure sensor'.
[* black] Apply a little pressure on your phone, using your thumb and index finger. If the pressure reading goes up, all seals should be fine - if not on the other hand, you can be pretty sure it is not waterproof any more!
[* black] Credit for this test: