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[* black] Removing the screen is similar to how the back cover is removed.
[* black] Apply heat evenly to the screen
[* black] attach a suction cup near the top of the phone, and use a plastic spacer to break the adhesive seal between the screen and the phone housing. Twisting the spacer can help to separate the back plate from the chassis.
[* black] You might want to take of the corners (just apply a little force and use a minute amount to superglue to glue them back in place later), so you can pry from there.
[* black] The screen unit consists of three layers: 1) The glas, 2) the digitizer 3) the display. If you want to replace the whole unit, make sure to not pry between layer 1 and 2! The glue should be black not translucent.
[* black] If the glass is broken, you can start to remove some of the glass fragments around the edges. Then you can start to lift the digitizer (translucent foil) to actually get between digitizer and frame.
[* black] Remove the screen by pulling it away from the chassis