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[* black] The CCLF tube assemblies are made up of a U shaped reflector with 2ea individual tubes inside. The entire assembly is 455mm long and 7mm wide. There are no part numbers on the assembly however there is a S on the end with the wires attached and an 18 on the other end.
[* icon_caution] The 2 CCFL tubes are held together with a plastic clip in the middle of the reflector so it would appear both tubes must come out at the same time (I can sense a new guide coming)
[* black] The individual tubes are 437mm long (excluding the terminals as best as I can tell) and are about 2mm diameter. More accurate measurements can be taken if/when removed from the reflector assembly
[* icon_note] It appears the CCFL are soldered to the wires so not a simple plug in replacement
[* icon_caution] The CCFL are '''EXTREMELY''' fragile so ensure you dont break them when installing them.
[* icon_note] The CCFL reflectors are a tight fit over the sides of the perspex sheet and the other layers of plastic. Patience and a plastic spudger or pry tool should get you there
[* icon_note] Initial research suggests that BF24438-24B LAMP CCFL 1400V 2.4MM X 437MM is a likely replacement.