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[title] Come work at iFixit!
[* black] If you think this sort of thing is super cool, we'd like you to [[Info:jobs|join our team]].
[* black] We're hiring software engineers and designers to help us make our how-to community even more awesome.
[* black] iFixit is a great place to work. We have an incredible working environment, a world-class team, and a vision to change the world. Our team loves having fun together. Developers have private offices, we have regular barbecues, and we're based in [|San Luis Obispo], one of the most amazing places in the world.
[* black] Open positions:
[* black] [[Info:jobs#Section_Software_Engineer|Software Engineer]]
[* black] [[Info:jobs#Section_User_Interface_Designer|User Interface Designer]]
[* black] [[Info:jobs#Section_Software_Engineering_Intern|Software Engineering Intern]]