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Modifiche al passo #17

Modifica in base a Arthur Shi-

Modifica approvata da Arthur Shi


Righe Passo

[* black] Pull the right edge of the logic board slightly away from the rear case to dislodge the rear I/O ports from their bezel.
[* black] Tilt the top edge of the board away from the rear case and lift the logic board assembly out of the rear case, minding any cables that may get caught.
[* icon_reminder] When reinstalling the logic board, it is helpful to use tape to temporarily tuck the cables out of the way until the board is properly seated in the rear case.
[* icon_reminder] During reassembly of the logic board, pay attention to the position of the I/O connectors. When the board is back in the case, insert a USB or Thunderbolt cable into one of the connectors to align it perfectly.