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[* black] Finally we reach the bottom of the stack and get a look at that fancy dedicated GeForce GPU. This is a custom job, that the internet has deduced is about on par with a [|GeForce 940M|new_window=true].
[* red] Nvidia n16s-lgN16S-LG Custom GeForce GPU
[* red] Nvidia n16s-lgN16S-LG Custom GeForce GPU
[* orange] Samsung [|K4G41325FC|new_window=true] 512 MB GDDR5 Graphics RAM (1 GB total)
[* yellow] Parade [|PS8330B|new_window=true] Dual-Mode DisplayPort Version 1.2 Repeater
[* green] Pericom [|PI3PCIE|new_window=true] PCIe Switch/Multiplexer
[* light_blue] NXP [|CBTL06GP213EE|new_window=true] Six-Channel Multiplexer for DisplayPort, HDMI and PCI Express
[* blue] Freescale Kinetis [|KL17|new_window=true] 48 MHz ARM [|Cortex-M0+|new_window=true] Microcontroller