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Righe Passo

[* black] Flipping over the front panel reveals... almost nothing.
[* icon_note] The back of the LCD is covered in a thin foil film that can't be removed without causing permanent damage to the panel.
[* black] Peeking out from its protective shielding, we find a chipset similar to that of the [guide|51568|Surface Pro 4|stepid=112564|new_window=true] display:
[* red] N-trig DS-D5000 A0
[* orange] N-trig DS-A5048 B2
[* yellow] Novatek NT71394MBG 1520-ED KLNAH
[* green] Macronix [|MX25U4033E|new_window=true] 1.8 V 4.0 Mb Multi-in, Multi-out Serial NOR Flash Memory