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[* black] Major players on the back side of the motherboard ([|gigantic] version):
[* red] Qualcomm [link||PM8028] RF Power Management IC
[* orange] Atmel [|TINY45] 8-bit RISC-based Microcontroller with 4KB in-system programmable flash
[* yellow] Toshiba THGBM2G8D8FBA1B K66167NAND Flash
[* yellow] Toshiba THGBM2G8D8FBA1B K66167NAND Flash
[* green] ST Ericsson CPCAP 2.2TC22 DC Power Management
[* icon_note] According to [link||Chipworks], the CPCAP 2.2TC22 is a single chip SoC that integrates analog and mixed signal functions, including power management, energy management, audio, and interfaces.
[* black] Check out the [|die photo] of the CPCAP 2.2TC22, courtesy of Chipworks.