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[* black] ~~[|Saucer|new_window=true]~~ Screen separation complete. Besides sealing the display to the glass, there aren't any major changes—the Mini 4 sports the same 2048 x 1536 pixels (326 ppi) as its predecessor.
[* black] Last year's update to the Mini series brought a single new feature, as a bit of a teaser of what was to come today: Touch ID. As such, not much there has changed, and the bracket and assembly look about the same as in the [guide|30628|iPad Mini 3|stepid=71695].
[* black] The ''other'' new feature on the Mini 3 was [guide|30628|dual blobs of hot glue|stepid=71873|new_window=true] to hold the button assembly down. That particular repair-hampering detail returns as well.
[* icon_note] The Touch ID cable is now integrated into the display cable, like on the Air 2 (and unlike on the Mini 3).