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[* black] The iPhone 4 is finally on Verizon!
[* black] We didn't try making a call, but we [|hear] that this phone does make and maintain "'''complete calls.'''"
[* black] On the back, Apple's [guide|3130|removed the visual warning|stepid=15333] to not throw your iPhone 4 in the trash.
[* icon_note] These logos tend to relate to non US countries. The "recycling bin" logo, for example, is for the [|European WEEE Directive]. Since the CDMA model is not sold in countries which require these symbols, they don't appear.
[* black] Apple's updated the model number (from A1322 to A1349), but there's not much externally to let us know we're dealing with a Verizon iPhone. Is this the first Verizon phone without "Verizon" emblazoned on it?