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[* black] With a minimum amount of heat applied to the front bezel, we use an opening pick to pry along the perimeter of the Pebble Time.
[* black] Open, uh, sarsaparilla? Uh, open Saskatchewan? Open, septuagenarian? Uh, open, saddle soap? Open, sesame! And with that, the front bezel (includes the glass) surprisingly separates from the Pebble Time.
[* black] [|Time after time|new_window=true], we've seen displays fused to a device's front glass—a process that makes for thin displays that are nearly impossible to repair. Good news everyone! The color e-paper display is '''NOT''' fused to the front glass.
[* black] In other designs, the display is normally bonded to the cover glass primarily to reduce internal reflections, not to reduce thickness. Bonded displays are much easier to read outdoors in bright sunlight.
[* icon_note] Now that we've sliced open the waterproof seal, this Pebble won't be splashing around any time soon—although some say that [|very small rocks|new_window=true] float in water.