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[* black] With a minimum amount of heat applied to the front bezel, we proceed to use an opening pick to pry along the perimeter of the Pebble Time.
[* black] Open, uh, sarsaparilla? Uh, open Saskatchewan? Open, septuagenarian? Uh, open, saddle soap? Open, sesame! And with that, the front bezel (includes the glass) surprisingly separates from the Pebble Time.
[* black] [|Time after time|new_window=true], we've seen displays fused to a device's front glass—a process that makes for thin displays that are nearly impossible to repair. Good news everyone! The color e-paper display is '''NOT''' fused to the front glass.
[* icon_note] Now that we've sliced open the waterproof seal, this Pebble won't be splashing around any time soon—although some say that [|very small rocks|new_window=true] float in water.