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[* black] The Pebble Time features a color e-paper display.
[* black] The back of the smartwatch is adorned with several markings, along with the charging port for the charging dock.
[* black] This [|feels like the first time|new_window=true] we've seen a smartwatch that boasts a water resistance of 30 meters. Increased water resistance often means sacrificed repairability. Hopefully, Pebble has taken the time to work repairability into the equation.
[* icon_note] That [guide|40655|other watch|new_window=true], that we tore down a few weeks ago, seems to [|fair pretty well with water|new_window=true]. It seems that Pebble is the only company with the stones to tout their 30 Meter resistance outright.
[* black] The Time includes a proprietary USB charging cable with magnetic connectors (silver contact points) coupled with charging contact points (gold contacts).