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[* black] Before we go any further, we'll disconnect and remove the battery, to avoid shorting out and damaging any of the internal circuitry.
[* black] This is an AG4 alkaline battery cell, with a typical capacity of 12-18 mAh. At 1.5 V, that's a typical capacity of 0.0225 watt hours.
[* black] Alkaline? What's up with that?—button cell batteries are typically available in [|alkaline or silver oxide|new_window=true] chemistry. Silver oxide batteries are better in every way—recycleable, slower voltage drop during discharge, less leakage, and typically 50% higher capacity. Maybe we caught Apple trying to save a buck?
[* icon_note] We tried to weigh the battery on our scale—and read 0.0 grams. It's probably completely weightless.