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[* black] The battery is located just to the left and below the RAM slots.
[* black] Note the positive is to the right and negative to the left. There is a + sign located on the logic board to the right of the battery.
[* black] Care must be taken when removing the battery to prevent it dropping into the machine. It pulls straight out. Use a small instrument link a dental pick or flathead screwdriver to lift the + end out. I use a large hemostat to hold the battery.
[* black] After removal of the old battery and replace with a new one by pressing it into place.
[* black] Replace the access panel. Turn it over and plug it in. Start up and go under the Apple to System Preferences - System - Date & Time. If you have an internet connection check the box to automatically and select Apple Americas.
[* black] If no internet just set the date and time manually.
[* black] Next select the Time Zone box. Click the curser on the map to the closest city to you.
[* black] Next click the Clock box and select the type of display you prefer.

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