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[* black] We're getting [guide|30592|pretty good|stepid=71616|new_window=true] at [guide|18604|prying up glass|stepid=53111|new_window=true], so we've got some idea of where to start.
[* black] Step 1: Load up on heat. Use plenty of [product|IF145-198|iOpeners|new_window=true]. (Or one iOpener plenty of times).
[* black] Step 2: Pry gently in many places. [product|IF145-123|Opening Picks|new_window=true] are the ideal tool.
[* black] Step 3: ???
[* black] Step 4: The edges you just heated are nowhere near the adhesive you wanted to loosen. The adhesive is entirely under the LCD panel.
[* black] Step 4b: [|Apply plenty of heat to the back|new_window=true] and pry slowly.
[* icon_note] An [|infinity pool|new_window=true] has no visible edge, making the water appear infinite. Using the transitive property, we deduce that an infinity display has... infinite glue?