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[* black] This is a tricky/potentially dangerous one. Be very careful not to delete the wrong thing. I can't stress this one enough.
[* black] You will need to get TitaniumBackup (requires root). This tool has a 5 dollar minimum donation for an enhanced version, but you can still use the free version for these needs. The tool will let you back up all your information (including system apps) to your SD card. I recommend this very highly.
[* black] First it will ask you to download busybox. Allow it to do this. BusyBox is a set of command line tools all backed into one. A nifty tool for power users and programs like Titanium Backup.
[* black] Menu -> Batch -> Backup All User + System Apps -- Yay you are now good to go. (THIS PART NEEDS TO BE EDITED TO INDICATE HOW TO GET SYSTEM APPS BACKED UP CORRECTLY) if something goes wrong where you delete an important but non-system-critical program, you can restore everything back to the way it was.
[* black] Next you select Backup/Restore from the main screen and begin hunting.
[* black] Look for all of Sprint's tools like Nascar, NFL, Sprint TV (its crap), and delete them. Carefully, one at a time, by tapping and chosing uninstall. This will get rid of some pesky background apps.
[* black] I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps that came with the phone. No more background information gathering from them. Removed Google Partner Tool (not to be confused with other google tools) and some HTC widgets like facebook, twitter, contacts widget. **I AM ALSO GOING TO EXPERIMENT WITH REMOVING MESSAGING APP, AND REPLACING IT WITH BETTER ONES LIKE k9Mail FOR EMAIL AND chompSMS FOR SMS.