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[title] Cleaning the contacts on the printer
-[* black] Clean the contacts in the printer with either a alcohol prep pad or napkins and alcohol. There is often ink here, so this very often needs to be cleaned.
-[* icon_note] This is a very common byproduct with this problem. Almost every clogged printer has some ink on these contacts. Not cleaning this is known to cause interface problems with the printhead, which can be a source of communication problems and in some cases false failure messages.
+[* black] If the contacts in the printer are dirty, clean these before reinstalling the printhead.
+[* icon_note] If this is not cleaned, the ink will continue to build up and eventually, cause the printer to error out with a false ink system failure message. This doesn't destroy the cal data, but if you clean it wrong you do risk losing it. It's better to do this while the data is safe, especially if it's already dirty.